CK6163 CNC Lathe Machine

High rigidity of integral casting
Longer service life of plastic-iron slideways
Cheap and high accuracy

High rigidity of integral casting<BR/>
Longer service life of plastic-iron slideways<BR/>
Cheap and high accuracy<BR/>


Shandong Lu Young Machinery Co., Ltd

Our cnc machine tools has been exported
over 40 countries and get good feedback.



Shandong Lu Young Machinery Co., Ltd. is established in July 1996. We are located in shandong provice. We imported advanced production technology and R&D team from Korean in 2001 and build our third factory for swiss lathe machine production. We could product over 1000 sets cnc machine equipment one year. Our cnc machine tools has been exported over 40 countries and get good feedback.

We own about 500 wokers and 40 engineers, more than 50000㎡ works shop space and 1000㎡office space. Our engineer team have rich experiences for equipment selection and process design, we can give you professional solution based your workpieces fast and freely.



  • How to distinguish the difference between a servo hydraulic turret and a power turret?

    Generally speaking, the power turret can be installed with both turning tools and milling cutters. Therefore, it can both turn and mill. It is a real turning and milling compound. The night pressure turret can only be installed with turning tools. There is no power funct...

  • Peak shipping season

    Today, thanks to the hard work of all employees of Shandong Lu young Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., a 20-foot container was exported to Ukraine; this whole cabinet contains 1 high-quality ck6150*...

  • Significance of Inclined CNC Lathe with Inclined Bed

    1. Good stability and large parts that need to be processed are generally inclined bed or flat bed inclined guide machine tools, because the corresponding parts of medium and large machine tools are also large, especially the turret part. The use of inclined guide rails is mainly to overcome grav...

  • CK6180 Heavy duty flat bed CNC lathe and milling machine combo with 12 station living turret

    Specification: CK6180 Series Max. swing over bed (mm) φ800 Max. swing dia. over cross slide(mm) φ500 Width of guide way(mm) 600 Max.processing length(mm) 1500/2000/3000 Form no gears Range of spindle speed(r/min) 25-850 rpm The spindle terminal s...

  • VMC1580 vertical machining center

    This machine tool is a vertical machining center suitable for machining and mold manufacturing. It can meet the processing requirements from rough machining to finishing, and can complete various processes such as milling, drilling, tapping, and boring. Main structural f...