CK6163 CNC Lathe Machine

High rigidity of integral casting
Longer service life of plastic-iron slideways
Cheap and high accuracy

High rigidity of integral casting<BR/>
Longer service life of plastic-iron slideways<BR/>
Cheap and high accuracy<BR/>


Shandong Lu Young Machinery Co., Ltd

Our cnc machine tools has been exported
over 40 countries and get good feedback.



Shandong Lu Young Machinery Co., Ltd. is established in July 1996. We are located in shandong provice. We imported advanced production technology and R&D team from Korean in 2001 and build our third factory for swiss lathe machine production. We could product over 1000 sets cnc machine equipment one year. Our cnc machine tools has been exported over 40 countries and get good feedback.

We own about 500 wokers and 40 engineers, more than 50000㎡ works shop space and 1000㎡office space. Our engineer team have rich experiences for equipment selection and process design, we can give you professional solution based your workpieces fast and freely.



  • CK61100 heavy metal machine cnc retrofit horizontal lathe

    1. High machine precision, the system set the minimum unit 0.001mm, X-axis repeat positioning accuracy of 0.010mm, Z-axis repeat positioning accuracy of 0.012mm. 2. High hardness, good rigidity, high audio quenching, machine guide rails and saddle rails are using special...

  • Feature of this CK0640 cnc lathe machine

    Feature of this CK0640 cnc lathe machine: 1. The casting adopts resin sand technology, which has good abrasion resistance, and the hardness of the guide rail after fine grinding is more than 52°. 2. The straight-line tool post has high working efficiency, and the precision ball screw pair is more...

  • The characteristics of CNC lathe CK6160

    CK6160 China factory price horizontal metal fanuc cnc turning lathe with bar feeder  is characterized by high technical content, rigidity, precision and stability, energy efficient, high power. It is widely used in wind power, petroleum, chemical, papermaking, textile, m...

  • Common faults of CNC machine tools and their classification

    1. Classification by fault location 1. Host failure The host of a CNC machine tool usually refers to the mechanical, lubrication, cooling, chip removal, hydraulic, pneumatic and protection parts that make up the CNC machine tool. The common faults of the host mainly incl...

  • The working principle and characteristics of the lathe CNC system

    The CNC system of the lathe is composed of CNC unit, stepping servo drive unit and deceleration stepper motor. The CNC unit adopts MGS--51 single-chip microcomputer. The control program of the CNC unit is the core of realizing vari...